As a rule, many gamers often want to choose for themselves such a device that will talk about the Indians, since it is this topic that attracts them the most. Therefore, be aware that if you decide to play indian dreaming online, then you definitely made the right decision. This device has a five-drum mechanism, it in turn is ready to offer various additional modes, in addition, it is possible to assess the presence of risk - games, free spins,



At the beginning of using the demo version of the Indian Dreaming slot, the player receives 2000 credits. This is a virtual currency. It is put at stake before each batch. The current credit balance is displayed in the lower left corner of the screen. To determine the contribution to the game switch provided. It is located in the center of the screen. 18 different numbers from 0.1 to 100 are set on it. To switch from one value to another, you need to press the "-" and "+" keys. After the user has determined the size of the bet, he must click on the Start button. This will start the party. At this point, the window in the center of the screen will disappear. Therefore, to remember your contribution, the user needs to look in the lower left corner. There is a yellow circle with the inscription Bet and the amount of the bet. After clicking on the Start key, the game wheel begins to rotate. It is located at the bottom of the screen. A magnifying glass is mounted on the wheel. A certain number will appear below it. There are a total of 49 values ​​on the wheel, from 1 to 49. One of three special cells may also appear under the glass. About them in the penultimate section.


Game features during the gambling process


After the appearance of the first value, the user can enter the game. He must guess what the next number will be - more or less than what is currently displayed under the glass. If the player thinks more, he should press the Higher key. If the gambler wants to predict that the future number is less, he needs to click on the Lower button. Both keys are to the left and right of the magnifying glass.


After clicking one of the described buttons, the wheel starts to rotate again. If the player’s prediction turns out to be correct, then he moves one step along the current level. If the user incorrectly indicated the ratio of numbers to each other, then he also moves one space. But at the same time gets one strike. This is shown in the upper left corner, to the right of the word Strike. If there is a cross on one of the squares, then the player has already received a strike. At each level, the user is entitled to only one error. If he does not make a correct prediction twice, the game ends without a win.


There are four levels in the Indian Dreaming slot. For the passage of each of them must perform six steps. This is displayed on the game board at the top of the screen. The levels are separated by pictures with known attributes from the life of the Indians. Between these images are six cells. They will show the numbers that fell on the wheel. If the value corresponded to the user's prediction, his cell will be yellow. Otherwise - red. After passing one of the levels, a window appears in front of the player. It has two buttons. With the help of the Cashout key, the user will take the relying prize. After that the game will end. If a player wants to continue the current game, he needs to press the Keer Playing button. After passing through the fourth level, the prize is credited to the gambler automatically.




If the user has passed the entire first level, then he will receive 2.5 rates. At the end point of the second level, the payout will be three installments. Successfully completed the third stage will bring the gamer 3.5 rates. After the final level, the user will take four installments. At the moment when the player reaches the control point, a line will be displayed on it. It will show the current prize. It is worth noting that payments at different points are not cumulative. The player will receive only the maximum of them, that is, the most recent. If the gambler has passed the level and has one strike, his winnings will be equal to the initial bet. This rule applies even if the user hit the checkpoint after one of the bonuses falls out.



Bonuses in the Indian Dreaming slot are special cells that can fall on the wheel. There are only three of them. On the wheel, they are highlighted in yellow. Special cells represent the process to which their loss will lead. Also there are two letters on them - the abbreviation of the bonus. After dropping out of a special cell, the player:

  • get rid of one strike if he has one (cell RS);
  • free one step ahead (cell AS);
  • automatically goes to the next level (AL cell).

After the bonus step, the player needs to re-make a selection, based on the last number dropped. An exception is the case when the bonus step was the last one before the control point. If the gambler continues the game, a new value will appear on the next level.


Slot settings


Settings in the Indian Dreaming slot machine are concentrated in a special section. To find it, you must hover the cursor over the wrench symbol. It is located in the upper right corner. After this action, a list of buttons appears. For the transition to the settings is the key Options. After clicking it, an additional window will open. The demo version adjusts only the sound and speed of the party. The first parameter is adjusted in the tab Audio Settings. Here, some sound elements are turned on and off. Also available to adjust the overall volume. Its adjustment is carried out on a special scale called Volume. A similar scale is located outside the settings window. To see it, you must hover the cursor on the symbol of the speaker. It is also located in the upper right corner of the screen. If the player wants to turn off the sound completely, he should click on the speaker image.


Indian Dreaming video slot has high-quality graphics and a sophisticated interface. It will be convenient for its users to try their luck.

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